Making all your doll daydreams come true...

As a child, I absolutely adored looking at the American Girl Catalogues. I dreamed of having a Samantha doll and all her accessories. 30 years later, I bought my daughter her first doll, Lea Clark. I was a little disappointed she didn't want the Samantha doll. That Christmas, my husband purchased me my Samantha doll... and the addiction began! I asked my mother to sew me a few outfits that I wanted for Samantha since I couldn’t afford to buy the outfits I longed for as a child because they were now collectibles. That request awakened her interest in sewing and she began making historical doll dresses. We began selling some on ebay and thus... Doll Daydream Boutique was born!

We are a mother/daughter duo. Lori is our seamstress, while I (April) make all the jewelry, miniature books & doll tshirts.

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